Misleading leak purports that Xiaomi is working on a smartphone with 200W fast charging capabilities

No, Xiaomi is not working on a phone with 200W fast charging support (source: own)A new Weibo leak from Digital Chat Station purports that Xiaomi is working on a smartphone that supports fast wired charging at 200W. However, a closer look at the post tells us that the 200W figure is the sum of its wired, wireless and reverse wireless charging wattages. Hence, we’re probably looking at a 140W + 50W + 10W configuration.

Xiaomi seems to have a lot on its plate for 2021. For starters, its long-dead tablets are slated to make a comeback. There’s a new Mi Mix smartphone in the works, along with a few foldable devices. Xiaomi has been working on fast wired technology for quite some time, as demonstrated by the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra’s 120W rating. Has it finally breached the 200W mark? A new leak would have us think so, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The information comes via renowned leaker Digital Chat Station on Weibo. Xiaomi’s mystery smartphone will allegedly feature a sub-5,000mAh battery that supports wired, wireless and reverse charging functionalities. However, some of the post’s meaning could be lost in machine translation. The Weibo post has plus symbols in between. Therefore, it could mean that the 200W figure is the sum of the wattages, as pointed out by many commenters. We’re probably looking at 140W wired charging, 50W wireless charging and 10W reverse wireless charging wattage.

Although Xiaomi is reportedly working on 80W wireless charging technology, current Chinese state regulations cap wireless charging wattage at 50W. That value could be revised in the future, though. If that is the case, we’re looking at 120W wired charging coupled with 70-75W wireless charging and 5-10W reverse wireless charging speeds. These speeds are still very impressive by modern-day standards, but we may have to wait a bit longer to see the mythical 200W figure in reality