Pushpa took Bollywood out of the horror of Spiderman, Hollywood’s arrogance also came out at the box office

The success of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa The Rise at the box office in front of Spiderman no way home makes it clear that if the content is strong, then Hollywood’s biggest films can be competed. Bollywood has also got lessons

Spiderman: No Way Home’ came like a tsunami. Check out the first day collection. Keeping in mind the Indian audience, it was also released in regional languages ​​like Hindi, Tamil. Tremendous advance booking was seen. Overall, there was tremendous hype about the film even before its release. Earlier, Bollywood, which had been battered in front of some big Hollywood films, thought it better to give Spiderman a walkover. Surrendered completely. In the current weekend of Bollywood, releasing one or two films every week, there is no film in front of Spiderman. On the first day, Spider-Man earned a record-breaking collection of more than 32 crores at the ticket window.

Bollywood may have been scared of Spiderman, but the makers of Pushpa The Rise Part 1 took the risk of doing two hands with Spiderman at the box office. Preliminary results clearly show that Allu Arjun’s Pushpa made Spiderman’s arrogance disappear. The film which was going housefull in advance booking, its audience was decreasing in the weekend. Spiderman released a day before Pushpa. The film has earned 32.67 crores on Thursday, 20.37 crores on Friday, 26.10 crores on Saturday.

This is a special occasion of its kind when a film has a record-breaking opening and in the weekend itself, its collection seems to be falling much lower than the first day. It has happened in the past that despite a good opening, the films went ahead and sat, but then no other film is seen earning in front of them. Therefore, there is a clear indication how Pushpa has proved the formidable challenge of Spider-Man by proving it false.

Allu Arjun’s Pushpa has been released in South languages ​​as well as Hindi. The collection of the film in Hindi on the first day i.e. Friday was 3 crores and on the second day a collection of 4 crores was taken out. There are reports that the collection of all the languages ​​of Pushpa is above Rs 45 crores. The collection of the film is record breaking at the Telugu box office. Pushpa is proving to be very heavy on Spiderman No Way Home in the southern regions even in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam regions. Especially in single screen and mass circuits. Trade expert Ramesh Bala told in a tweet that Pushpa has crossed the Rs 100 crore mark in just two days. About 90 percent of Pushpa’s earnings are from the cinemas of the country.

The figures are clearly telling that Pushpa has taken the chariot of Hollywood film. The makers of Pushpa have proved the risk they took in front of a big Hollywood film. He had faith in his content and the mood of the Indian audience. The film is getting the love of the audience. However, things are embarrassing for Bollywood. Bollywood didn’t trust its content. Hindi producers, who clashed with each other’s films in their own industry, backed down by putting up arms against Hollywood. It is in a way mistrust about its content and also a situation like opening the doors for the stars of South in Hindi Territory itself.

Slowly but surely now it seems that the South is ready to trample the weak Bollywood. Pan India films of the south are being liked. All the big producers of South are making films on all kinds of topics. The variety of films has caught the attention of the Hindi audience. In the last four to five years, his cinema, distribution strategy and starpower have started appearing far ahead of Bollywood in many ways. Now superstars of the south like Suriya, Mahesh Babu, Jr NTR, Ramcharan, Allu Arjun, Prabhas, Ajith seem to appeal more than Bollywood stars in the Hindi region.

Whatever be the pros and cons of Bollywood, but it is a good thing for Indian cinema.